Robin Still At Window

A pair of robins have been throwing their bodies against various windows of my house, trying to get in.  They’ve been doing this for three days now.  The robins aren’t dive bombing to break their necks, but going in feet and breast first.  They leave dirty little imprints.  How dirty the glass is actually getting is quite disturbing.  Every twenty seconds or so there’s a soft fluttering pat against a window, and when I look, there’s an irritated robin, too. 

Snorelax has been falling down on his duty — the tape affixing him to the window failed and I found my dog happily walking around with him in his mouth this morning.  Plus, Snorelax can’t be everywhere.  The robins are trying more and more windows. 

I’ve started closing the blinds of the windows they’re trying in hopes of dissuading further attacks.  Slowly, the house is getting dimmer.

It feels a little like I’m in a horror movie, and eventually, when I close all the blinds, they’ll be a big crash and a big something will make it in.

Also, why isn’t outside good enough for this pair of robins.  We’re surrounded by trees and have bushes trimming our yard? 

If insanity is defined as trying the same thing again and again and expecting a different result, are these robins to be considered insane or determined?


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